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What is myHROnline?
How Does myHROnline Work?
Why Provide myHROnline to Your Workforce?

What is myHROnline?
myHROnline allows you to communicate all of your Benefit and Policy information to your employees in a single resource. They have access to this information at any time because it is web based.

Do Not Let Your Human Resource and Benefits Programs be Overlooked or Undervalued!

The challenges of traditional employee communication

  • It goes out of date right after it is printed.
  • Employees often have specific questions and are looking for answers. Traditional communication, with pages of text, requires employees to read what they do not want to know... just to get to the information they want.
  • Traditional communication is not presented in a brief, tactical and actionable manner.
  • It is nearly impossible for an employer to keep all the information in one easy to access location.
  • You, or a member of your staff, are frequently asked the same questions because the answer is not readily accessible to your employees.
It is no wonder programs go overlooked or not understood!

How Does myHROnline Work?
myHROnline Streamlines Employee Communication

Through an easy to follow interactive questionnaire, you are guided through the creation of a compelling, easy to use, fully customized web site for your workforce.

  • Simple and Robust! Our pre-programmed, click through wizard minimizes employer input. myHROnline software contains pre-defined common benefits, policies, questions and answers for the employer's selection. You choose the information you want to provide and use our templates and guides to assist you.
  • Flexibility is the cornerstone! You are not limited to the pre-programmed information. The wizard allows you to edit the pre-programmed information and/or create your own information about any benefit or policy that you would like. The site is as expansive or limited as you desire.
  • No technology expertise is needed! myHROnline lets you provide the information you want to your employees, then simply click Go Live to make the information available to your workforce. The site is fully hosted by myHROnline and is available to your workforce 24/7.
  • Easy to Update and Expand, Online, Real-time! You can update, change or add to your site at any time at no additional charge. In fact, while you are setting up your site, you are prompted to enter follow up dates on specific information. If you enter a follow up date, we will send you an e-mail to you on the date you specify, linking you to the information for follow-up.
  • You may let someone help set the site up for you! While myHROnline allows you the flexibility to set up your own site, there are two ways to get help setting up your site:
    1. myHROnline staff can assist. The price for this additional service will depend on the amount of information you want to include on your site.
    2. You can delegate to your own broker, consultant or another person. If you already have someone who provides support for your benefits or HR programs, once you have selected the type of plans or policies and questions you want to communicate to your employees, you can direct an email to that person requesting their assistance in providing answers to the questions. The email will provide a link, so that person may access myHROnline to provide the answers to the questions you delegated.
  • User-Friendly for your workforce — A 3 click process! MyHROnline organizes the information for easy access. Your workforce makes selections by type of benefit or policy; or through the FastPath LifeEvent feature may choose to view information organized by life events or view summary information for all benefits and policies. The consistent "look and feel" of the site lets employees navigate quickly. Your employees arrive at the answer to their question in 3 clicks. Because no individualized employee data is stored on the site, one user id. can be communicated to your entire workforce. myHROnline cuts out the complexity of getting to the information.
  • Great value -  myHROnline is priced very affordably to provide great value. Click Purchase on the left for more information.
Why Provide myHROnline to Your Workforce?

  • What if you could refer your employees to one web site that had all the information you want to communicate about your Benefits and Policies?
  • What if your employees could have the information organized and consistently presented in an easy to access, easy to use format…whether by type of Benefit, Policy; or by a listing of events that occur in their life?
  • What if setting up this site was as easy as clicking through pre-programmed materials and including any unique or specific information you want to communicate to your employees?
Setting Up myHROnline for your workforce -

Provides You:
  • The opportunity to communicate all the programs available to your employees which will increase their satisfaction, understanding and perceived value of the programs.
  • The ability to give your employees one place to obtain Benefit and Policy information.
  • A method to easily update and keep information current for your workforce without the cost of printing and distributing materials.
  • A way to do all of this with the site hosted for you by myHROnline.
Provides Your Employees:
  • A 24/7 place to obtain information when they need it; at their fingertips, at work or at home.
  • A simple way to cut through the information overload often associated with an employer's Benefits or Policies
  • A central resource spot. No more keeping track of different booklets, phone numbers or multiple web site addresses.
As an employer, you want to create compelling reasons for employees to join your workforce and stay! myHROnline can assist you in communicating the messages you want to send your workforce about your Benefits and Policies.